Stained Glass Windows

Stained Glass WindowsThe tradition of filling the windows of a church with stained glass is a centuries old tradition. Not only did the color of the light emphasize the beauty and brilliance of the Gospel’s own Light, but the images in the glass functioned as a means to teach the faithful the stories of the bible in a world in which most people were illiterate and the bible was in Latin and Greek. Today stained glass still serves to focus one’s thought upon the gospel and aids prayerful meditations.

Reformation Lutheran Church has been especially blessed to be able to install windows designed by the late Douglas Philips, a genius designer of high quality stained glass windows. Mr. Phillips completed the designs for these windows before his untimely death. The people of Reformation are also grateful to Mr. Phillip’s wife, Mona, for her dedication to the continuance of his art and work. She has made it possible to complete these windows for the church.

There are at least three ways to read our stained glass windows. The first way of reading the windows is to see the large images in relationship to one another from the left to the right. These images are interpretations of the Gospel of St. John.

The second reading of the windows is to read each window vertically. Each of the images from the Gospel of John and that of the Reformation are represented in a modern interpretation. Some have a clear and obvious relationship to the biblical scene, others are more obscure and require the observer to imagine the nature of the connection between the gospel and the contemporary scene.

  • The third way of reading the windows is by color:
  • Blue represents Truth, Faithfulness, Wisdom, The Spiritual
  • Gold and Golden Yellow represent God’s Goodness and Glory, Splendor, Celebration
  • Green represents Life, Growth, Hope, Trinity Season
  • Red represents Love, Sacrifice, Youth, Pentecost, Holy Spirit
  • Violet represents Penitence, Advent, Lent, The Passion
  • White represents Innocence, Celebration, The Savior
  • Rosy Pink represents Unselfish Love
  • Rose represents Repentant, Expectant Joy
  • Lilac represents Love for Humanity